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Can I Come Visit the Farm?

Bee Friends Farm Admin

Folks from all around our community want to know if they can come hang out with us at our apiary! We are migratory beekeepers which means we move our bees depending on the season and what plants are in bloom, most of which are in the woods of Florida. There are lots of amazing opportunities to hang out with us and learn about our Jacksonville honey bee population! 

However, we love being part of our community and hanging out with great people who just want to learn more about bees! Because that's important to us, we do have a few awesome ways you can spend time with us. As of November 2019 we are pleased to share a new opportunity where you can "Bee" A Beekeeper for a Day! Find our more about that one of a kind, hands-on experience here.

Monthly Farm Days and Beekeeping Experience at Congaree and Penn

We keep some hives on Congaree and Penn, a rice farm just north of Jacksonville. It's a great partnership for us and once a month they open up the farm to share lots of amazing workshops with the community. You'll be able to attend classes like Backyard Chicken Keeping, Olive Oil Tastings and two hosted by yours truly, a Honey Tasting Workshop and a Beekeeping Experience! At our honey workshop, each attendee receives a tasting plate with lots of amazing Florida honey which is a map for our time together. These only happen once a month so keep an eye out! For our workshops, tickets are $15 a person and can be purchased here.

Monthly Mentor Saturday with Jacksonville Beekeepers Association 

The Jacksonville Beekeepers Association is one of the best resources we have in town for anyone wants to explore the world of beekeeping! We love being part of that community and Michael, our beekeeper, works with a few folks in the organization to maintain the hives and host a monthly session. The sessions are much more hands-on than our workshops at Congaree and Penn and are targeted towards anyone who wants to start keeping their own backyard hives. However, you don't have to be an aspiring beekeeper! These sessions present a perfect opportunity to visit a hive, get some hands-on experience and ask as many questions about bee biology and healthy hives! You'll get the chance to meet lots of other amazing members of the beekeeping community too! 

If you ever want to hang out with us or ask us questions come visit us at a market around town! We're all over the place! 

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