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Apiguard Single Use Discs - Preorder Now

Gaurd your bees after the summer honey flow! 

Pre-order your Apiguard now!

We will email you as soon as they are ready to be picked up. 

These one time use discs are a natural way to help your bees battle varroa mites. Made with a thymol gel aka thyme oil, they assist your hive and helps to encourage hygienic behavior. 

  • What's in Apiguard? Each disc has a slow-release thymol gel made from all-natural thyme oil that treats your bees and protects your hives from varroa mites, and other bugs
  • Apiguard is a natural treatment that efficiently decreases the varroa mite population in your hives.  Apiguard can also help to control tracheal mites, Acarine, and chalkbrood. It's efficiency ranges from 85% to 95%. #noplaceforvarroa
  • How to use:
              - Use 2 discs (50 gm each) per hive. Provide a 14 days interval and repeat treatment. 
              - Place the disc on top of your brood frames in the center, gel side up. Be sure to allow at least 1/4 inches of space between the top box and the disc.
Most beekeepers pull their honey in the North Florida area around the 4th of July. After your frames of honey are pulled you can treat with Apiguard! 

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