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Make your own Elderberry Syrup At Home! 

We can all use an immune boost these days and this DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit makes it easy to get added Vitamin C throughout the day. With this kit you'll get:

  • 1 Bag of DIY Dried Elderberry Syrup Mix from our friends at Mom's Organic Elderberry.
  • 1 12oz Bottle of local, raw, Jacksonville Wildflower Honey to add after steeping your mixture. Make sure the liquid isn't too hot, we want to keep the honey raw!  
  • Follow instructions as listed on the bag and your syrup will be ready to go!  
  • Don't like your Elderberry Syrup to be sweet? Order the dried herb mixture without the honey! 

Did you know? Elderberry Syrup has been used across generations to increase health and wellbeing. Find more info about Elderberry Syrup in publications like Edible Northeast Florida and the Cleveland Clinic

Please note, a fine-mesh sieve works well in place of the cheesecloth. 

DIY Elderberry Kit with Honey
$32.00 $35.00

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