Start your day off right with Bee Pollen!

Wildflower bee pollen is collected on the legs of honey bees as they pollinate various wildflowers during their hunt for nectar. Contrary to popular belief, pollen is most helpful as a protein source rather than as an allergy defense. If you are looking for some allergy protection, we suggest our Jacksonville Wildflower

  • Bee Pollen is chock full of protein (amino acids), carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals.
  • Per ounce, Bee Pollen has more protein than any other natural food.
  • Bee pollen granules can be added to smoothies, mixed into granola, or eaten by themselves for a quick protein boost. 
  • It is slightly sweet and a little earthy! The texture is a waxy and crunchy, you have to try it! 

Ever wonder how Bee Pollen is collected? Bees have fuzzy back legs strategically designed to trap pollen during their nectar collections. As bees return to the hive, we use a pollen trap at the front of the hive. This gently brushes the pollen off the bees’ legs causing the pollen to fall into a collection bin. It is then dried and bottled! 

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 At this time we do not produce our own Bee Pollen. 

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