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Honeybees & Us


HoneyBees and Us

In the Beeginning


Bee Friends Farm was founded by Michael and Christie Leach, two of the best friends a bee ever had. Michael started in the bee industry in 2009 by handcrafting hives for other beekeepers. Soon, his interest in beekeeping grew. He began tending his own hives, producing the finest raw Florida honey to be found.

Over the years, Michael has become a leading beekeeping authority, supporting his fellow beekeeping not only by building their hives, but also conducting seminars on all aspects of keeping bees healthy and productive.

Today Bee Friends Farm is still a family and friends business, with each member of the staff devoted to producing Florida’s Favorite Honeys, and ensuring the wellbeing of our bee hives.

Beefriending Bees

Bees are our friends. They not only produce delicious and nutritious honey, but they pollinate $15 billion of our crops each year, literally helping to put food on our tables. Beekeepers protect our bees by shielding them from inclement weather, pesticides, disease and habitat encroachment. Most experts believe that the future of bees depends primarily upon the success of domesticated bees, rather than bees in the wild. Beekeeping is important work, performed by dedicated people.

Bee Good Naturally

Fortunately, Mother Nature has seen to it that raw honey is the one natural food that has a virtually unlimited shelf life. Bee Friends Farm honey is raw filtered and never pasteurized.

We are always striving to be a more sustainable and mindful company. We use paper bags, ecospoons for tastings and glass bottles for our honey. Should your honey crystalize, as natural honey tends to do, a glass container is perfect for returning the honey to its natural state. Simply heat in warm water. Our raw Florida honey is always naturally delicious and nutritious, with all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals nature intended.

Bee healthy, bee happy, bee friends!