Nothing makes creating an impressive cheeseboard at home easier than fresh, raw honey! 

Cheese plates can be simple or complex, it's your choice! Whether the cheeseboard is the main focus or an addition to your table, honey is the perfect accompaniment.

  • When plating your cheeseboard add a few honey-drenched pecans in one corner and in another corner, artfully stack two 1 inch pieces of Cut Comb.  
  • Get creative! Add pickles, dried fruit, compote, crackers, olives, or other accouterments to your cheeseboard. 
  • When building your charcuterie, explore the wide world of cured meats and fine cheeses. At Bee Friends, we love paper-thin slices Salami, Prosciutto, and Lomo Embuchado paired with flavorful goat cheese, creamy brie, and sharp aged cheddar. 
  • When making baked brie follow this recipe and you will surely wow your crowd - or yourself during these quarantine times. You deserve a treat too! 
  • There are lots of fun resources for building your own cheeseboard at home. We love locally owned Board Grazer for inspo but there are excellent resources like this one!
  • Keep in mind. you can use any kind of cured meat (like pepperoni) or cheese for your Charcuterie. Any wedge of cheese will do! Add a little raw honeycomb or pecans to your wooden cutting board and it's like Julia Child was in your kitchen! 

Don't forget to add wine, enjoy!! 

We are often asked, are you able to eat the wax in the honeycomb? Yes! When adding it to your cheese and crackers it is such a small amount you hardly notice it. When warmed, with brie for example, the wax becomes even more pliable and easier to eat! 

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