This custom Oxalic Acid Vaporizer is perfect for those who are trying to manage and create a treatment plan for pests in their hives!

This OAV Package Includes:

  • Digital Thermostat

  • Self-contained 110-volt heating unit (does not need external battery)

  • Respirator Mask

  • Goggles  

  • Oxalic Acid

  • Detailed Instruction Manual 

  • Spare Parts Bag

  • Measuring Device

  • Carry Case that Holds All Parts 

  • Co2 Mite Counter

  • Made in Jacksonville, Florida

This Oxalic Acid Vaporizer treatment kit also includes a warranty. Unconditional warranty for the first 90 days. Service available after the 90 days for a fee. Please contact us at info@beefriendsfarm.com for questions. 

We recommend this product for beekeepers with more than 10 hives.

Warning: Do not breathe in fumes! Wear mask, gloves, eye mask or other protective gear at all times when operating equipment. 


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