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With each purchase of Bee Friends Farm honey, you're supporting America's honey bee population and helping to sustain these vital pollinators.

Welcome to Bee Friends Farm, a Florida-based honey company dedicated to producing high-quality, all-natural honey. Our bees work hard to gather nectar from the diverse array of flowers and plants found in the sunny state of Florida, resulting in a unique and flavorful honey that can't be found anywhere else. At Bee Friends Farm, we believe in sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices, and we are committed to supporting our local community and the environment. Thank you for choosing Bee Friends Farm honey - we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Some of the Honeys we offer: Wildflower - TupeloSaw Palmetto -  Black Mangrove - Gallberry Honey 

At BFF, we also offer Specialty Creamed Honey.

We are so sure you will love our honey, we guarantee it!

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