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Saw Palmetto Honey

Saw Palmetto plants are a familiar sight to Floridians and it produces a true Florida honey!

These short and squat trees love subtropical conditions and pop up in large numbers on most Florida Walking Trails and preserves. For decades Florida Saw Palmetto honey has been sought out by those who relish its healthy benefits. We just love it for its wonderful and unique flavor!

  • Fun Fact: Saw Palmetto is one of our beekeepers favorite liquid honey varietals!
  • This light honey is has a hint of fruit and a touch of woodsy-ness. 

Did you know? Each of our honey varieties is a mono-floral. Mono-floral honey means that the nectar from that honey comes from one specific flowering plant. Honey is named after the plant's common name and each variety has a unique taste, almost like a fingerprint!

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