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Honey Subscriptions are Here: FAQ and More

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We may not be able to control the weather, or when coronavirus will no longer be a thing, but we can supply you with the freshest, local honey possible!

We've just upped our game to offer a honey subscription service so you can now have your favorite honey automatically sent to you as often as you like! 

Here's some info about our brand new subscription service! 

What products are available on subscription?

Almost all of our honey varietals are available on a subscription basis. From your favorite honey varietal to your most beloved cream honey (and even our Bestselling Bundles) we've got you covered! If it's not available on subscription, and you want it to be, drop us a line at info@beefriendsfarm.com

Will I save money by subscribing? 

YES! When you sign up for a subscription with us - whether it be weekly or monthly - we take that kind of support seriously, and we want to reward you for sticking with us! Here's how you can save when you sign up for a subscription:

All Cream Honey and Liquid Honey: 30% off on your initial bottle purchase and then 10% off every time after that.* 

Specialty Items like Roasted Pecan Honey and Pollen: 20% off your initial bottle purchase and then 10% off every time after that.*

Pure Beeswax Candles: 10% Off Every Candle

I need my order early, what do I do?

This is a flexible subscription plan and you are able to pause and edit your subscription service at any time. You will create an account that allows you to go in and edit your delivery date if you need an order earlier or later than usual.

Can I cancel at any time? 

While this is flexible, to get the best discount for the Cream Honey, Liquid Honey, and Specialty Items, we require you to commit to making three reoccurring purchases to qualify for the discount. These three purchases can happen at any time throughout the year. Once those three transactions are complete you are free to cancel at any time. 

What about shipping?

We encourage you to choose a few items to put on subscription. We offer flat $5 on our website. If your subscription falls within that monetary value it will be shipped for free! 

Can I use a discount code or other eligible discounts with my subscription?

Because there is a discount associated with the subscription service, discount codes and other offers are not compatible together. 



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