Spring 2023

Note: Nucs can not be shipped. These options are for pickup at our location in Jacksonville, Florida ONLY! Nuc sales are non-refundable. You will be contacted regarding the pickup date and time as the nuc pickup gets closer.

Choose from two options! 

Option 1: Nuc Pre-Order

  • Includes One 5-Frame Nucleus Hive for Spring Pick-up (March-April)
  • Each Nuc features 5-Frames of buzzing bees and one very active Queen Bee!
  • Each Nuc will come in a standard, plastic Jester EZ Nuc box and will be available in the spring.

Option 2:  Nuc plus a starter Deep Hive Kit

  • Includes One Deep Hive Kit to pick up now.
  • (1) Bottom Board
  • (1) Assembled Deep Hive Body
  • (10) Assembled Wooden Frames w/ Wax Coated Plastic Foundation
  • (1) 5-Frame Nucleus Hive (see option 1 for details)

New queens 2023 and frames are less than 1 year old...

Nucleus Hives are established starter hives with a queen and five brood frames that are covered in bees. We provide a queen and all stages of brood - eggs, larvae, pupae, and capped honeybees.

The nuc is great for beginners who want to learn beekeeping or who have never had bees before. It also makes a great gift for beekeepers of any level or experience.

How to prep before you get your nuc home:

Organize your bee yard and build your beehive stand. Make sure you have your hive bodies set up in the area you will be placing your bees. If you are purchasing your hive body equipment from us, you will need to paint your boxes ahead of time. Paint them any light color of exterior paint (we recommend heading to the hardware store to check out their selection of mis-tinted paint). You're all ready!

We love to see our customers succeed in their beekeeping endeavors. We want you to have the best honeybees for sale available so that you can get started right away!

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