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Local Honey and Allergy Season: Pollen Watch

Brentley Stead

As the sky stays brighter later into the evening, the days of 2021 are slowly getting longer! 

Pollen make make our bees happy, but it doesn't quite spark the same joy for us humans. For us, that slightly green dusting of pollen on our cars has us groaning and reaching for allergy meds. We keep on an eye on pollen levels to help combat allergies we like to be prepared for allergy season. Here are our top two ways to fight allergies this season. 

It's best to think about the allergies you're experiencing  today, yesterday. Raw honey is a great thing, it can help with a whole host of immunity issues and skin/wound care.

For allergies, if you can plan ahead, nothing beats raw honey from your area. This isn't a immediate fix like an allergy pill, but it can help your body's immunity fight against pollen. 

1) Prep Your System To Fight Allergies

Take 1 Teaspoon of our local, raw Jacksonville Wildflower in the morning and at night for one month. Then increase to 1 Tablespoon of honey for the next two months. Continue as needed. Make sure not to add to boil hot coffee or tea, we want to make sure it maintains it's raw properties! 

2) Pollen Forecast 

At our apiary in Jacksonville, we are always on pollen watch. Pollen tells us that the blooms are here. Those blooming flowers tell us that they are ready for the bees and ready for the nectar flow! That nectar flow means that honey is ready to be made. 

Check the local weather everyday and you can check your local pollen levels too! Get into the habit of checking the pollen count in Jacksonville there are few different ways to do that, but we like websites like Pollen.com!

Why is raw honey so good for allergies?

Raw honey contains small amounts of the same pollen that is irritating your system. By slowly introducing small amounts of pollen over time, your system has a better chance of fighting off the real thing when it happens, just like a vaccine. Using raw honey from your are to treat allergies takes a little more time than a fast acting allergy pill, but it helps your body acclimate and become less sensitive to the pollen in your area. 

What is pollen then?

Pollen is pure plant protein! It's super high in vitamins, minerals and chock full of protein. Pollen is better for adding nutrients to your daily diet, rather than helping with allergies. You can learn more about pollen here, but if have bad allergies we don't recommend trying it, stick with honey! 

Please note, this article is not intended to replace medical care. If you are experiencing extreme symptoms please consult a doctor.