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Can Kids Under 1 Have Honey?

Bee Friends Farm Admin

,At almost every market we attend, we always get a least one question about young children and honey, "Why can kids under the age of 1 have raw honey?"

Raw honey has a lot of great properties! We choose to be careful for children under 1, and really until they are about 2, because they have an underdeveloped immune system and digestive tract.

Raw honey can contain, among many other good for you things, a tiny amount of botulism. The possibility of that botulism wouldn't affect an older person with a developed GI tract but a baby, who is just starting to develop that system needs to be a little careful. The threat of even a little botulism could result in infant botulism which is more difficult to recover from.

Once children build up that immune system and the digestive system, raw honey like our Wildflower is a great way to build allergy protection and help sooth sore throats.  

Oh, and one more thing on botulism and any other risks or raw honey. There is no evidence to show that honey has ever made an adult sick, unless they are allergic to honey. 

On this same note, we'd also like to address the question, "Is it safe for pregnant women to eat honey?"

Yes, it is safe for pregnant women to eat raw honey! Because the honey is directly being processed by the mother's developed and fully formed healthy GI tract, not the baby's, it is safe for them to consume. Enjoy the honey and we wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy! 

Please note, this article does not replace doctors advice. Please consult a physician if you have further questions.