Please read "Important Details" below before checking out

Option 1: "Nuc Transferred into Your Bee-Equipment"

  • Get a 5-Frame Nucleus Hive and transfer it into your bee equipment.
  • Each Nuc includes two or three brood frames, one food frame, and one frame in progress, complete with a mated queen.
  • You must provide your equipment at the time of pickup.

Option 2: "Nuc In-A-Box"

  • Purchase a Nuc and it comes snugly nestled in a Plastic Jester NUC box, ready to roll.
  • You need to transfer the nuc into a full-size bee hive when you get home.

Option 3: "Hive Haven" (Single Starter Hive)

  • Dive into beekeeping bliss with a Nuc pre-installed in a starter hive.
  • Our hives are pre-painted and primed for bee success.
  • Simply pickup, place in your yard, and watch your bee adventure take flight.

Option 4: "Bee's Knees Deluxe"

  • Elevate your beekeeping game with a Nuc in a starter hive plus an additional honey super.
  • Your hive will have room to grow.

Option 5: "Double Hive Delight" (Two Deluxe Hives with Discount)

  • Start strong with two Nucs pre-installed in starter hives plus an additional honey super for each.
  • Enjoy a discount for getting two hives right from the start.
  • These hives are ready for action in your beekeeping journey.

If you are interested in purchasing 10 or more nucs please call or email us for special pricing.

- An nuc box in usable condition can be exchanged in lieu of transfering bees (option 1)
- You can have your choice of wax-dipped or painted hives (option 3,4,5)
- You can have your choice of 8 or 10-frame hive (option 3,4,5)
- Option 3,4,5 comes with a screen bottom board and inner-outer cover (metal type)
- Excluders are not included but can be purchased seperatly here queen excluders

Preorder Information
- Nucs for 2024 are available for preorder now!
- Pick up in March or early April, with the earlier orders getting priority.
- Remember, Nucleus Hives can't travel through the mail; they must be picked up.
- At pickup, you can inspect your hive and meet the queen in person.

Important Details (Please Read)
- Be sure to enter contact info at the top of checkout.
- Nucs are for pickup in Jacksonville, Florida location ONLY.
- At checkout please select PICKUP or you will get an error message.

- Nuc sales are non-refundable, but we're here to support your beekeeping journey.
- Stay tuned for pickup date and time notifications as the big day approaches

Please call us during business hours or email hello@beefriendsfarm.com for questions or more information about our Nucleus Hives.

Before you bring your Nuc home, make sure you've prepared your bee yard and hive stand. If you're getting equipment from us, paint your boxes with light-colored exterior paint for the perfect bee-friendly touch. You'll be all set for a sweet start to your beekeeping adventure!

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