An entrance reducer is a device that is placed in the entrance of a beehive to control the size of the opening and is commonly used to help regulate the temperature and airflow within the hive. It also helps to protect the colony from external threats such as ants and robbers bees.

One of the main benefits of using an entrance reducer is that it can help to prevent the hive from becoming too hot during the summer months. By controlling the size of the entrance, the bees are able to maintain a stable temperature inside the hive, which is essential for their survival.

Additionally, an entrance reducer can also help to deter pests and predators from entering the hive. By reducing the size of the entrance, it becomes more difficult for ants and robber bees to gain access to the hive, which can help to protect the colony from these types of threats.

Entrance reducers are typically made from durable and long-lasting materials such as wood or plastic, and can be easily placed and removed from the hive as needed. They come in different sizes depending on the bee colony you have.

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