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Honey Bee Education Kit: Virtual National Honey Bee Day on August 15th

Let's Learn About BEES! 

We love "beeing" able to share honey bee knowledge with you and we wanted to be able to do so even virtually! 

  • One Full Kit Includes Two Education Modules:

  1. Pollination Station Kit: 2 Activity Sheets and a Seed Kit which includes 4 Seed Packets and 4 Unwaxed Paper Cups for planting (just add dirt!). 

  2. Honey Tasting Kit: 3 Activity Sheets and a Full Honey Tasting Kit.

  • Add on Honey Sticks, Beeswax Wraps (which replace plastic wrap) or a Wildflower Seed Packet to your order for even more fun! 

  • BONUS: Enjoy a free, live education module on August 15th with Master Beekeeper and Childhood Learning Specialist Meghan Orman to celebrate National Honey Bee Day! Tune in live at our Offical Virtual Honey Bee Event Page. 

  • Please Note: You can add an extra set of activity sheets to your order by adding "1 Set of Extra Activity Sheets" to your cart. We want to ensure each child (or parent) has their own set! 


    Seed Packets: Each kit comes with 4 individual seed packets that each contain 2-3 seeds. The types of seeds may change! 


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