Discover the Essence of Relaxation with Lavender Creamed Honey

Immerse yourself in the luxurious blend of pure, raw honey infused with the finest culinary-grade lavender essential oil, elegantly finished with a sprinkle of dried lavender buds. Bee Friends Farm is proud to present our Lavender Creamed Honey, a true embodiment of self-care in every jar.

  • Transform your coffee or tea into a tranquil retreat with just a spoonful of our Lavender Creamed Honey, crafted for those moments of exquisite relaxation.
  • Enhance your culinary creations with a touch of elegance; this honey serves as an exceptional simple syrup alternative. Drizzle over fresh fruits, biscuits, pound cake, or incorporate into lemonade and cocktails for a sophisticated twist.
  • Embrace the luxury of limited availability; our specialty Lavender Creamed Honey is exclusively offered in a 4.5oz jar, making each spoonful a cherished experience.

Join the Bee Friends Farm community in celebrating moments of serenity. Share how you indulge in relaxation with our Lavender Creamed Honey by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook @BeeFriendsFarm. Your journey towards relaxation and self-care awaits, encapsulated within the delicate flavors and aromas of lavender.

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