A Spirited Partnership

Barrel-Aged Black Mangrove Honey is back for Batch 3!

This partnership is between our team and local distillery, Manifest Distilling. The distillery provided a fresh, small-batch Rye barrel, we added a locally produced, artisan Black Mangrove honey. You get to taste the results! 

  • Each hand-corked corked Muth jar of Barrel Aged Black Mangrove is a sweet and salty combo that has hints of the custom Manifest Rye barrel it was aged in. 
  • Hold the jar to the sun and let the light illuminate the speckles of char suspended in the honey. 
  • Each jar is hand-dipped in local beeswax with an easy-open pull tab made of all-natural twine. 
  • With only one barrel of production, this is limited edition honey! 
  • Enjoy this limited edition honey in an 8oz glass muth jar.
Limited Edition: Barrel-Aged Black Mangrove Honey Batch #3

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