5-Frame 9 5/8" Nuc Box Unassembled w/ Assembled Migratory Cover, and Solid Bottom. Frames and Foundations are not included.

A nuc box, or nucleus box, is a small, self-contained bee colony that can be used for several purposes in beekeeping. Here are two common uses for nuc boxes in beekeeping:

Starting a new colony: One of the main uses for a nuc box is to start a new bee colony. When starting a new colony, beekeepers will purchase a nuc box that already contains a queen bee and a small group of worker bees. The beekeeper will then transfer the bees and frames into a full-sized hive, where the colony will continue to grow and thrive.

Splitting an existing colony: Another use for a nuc box is to split an existing colony. You do so by transferring a portion of the parent colony, including the queen, into a nuc box. The bees will then continue to expand and build comb in the new nuc box, while the original colony will need to be requeened.

Overall, nuc boxes are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to support and grow bee colonies. Whether you're starting a new colony or increasing the size of an existing one, a nuc box is an essential item for any beekeeper.

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