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5 Things We've Learn About Rosh Hashanah and Honey

September 18, 2019

Honey has extreme importance to us all year round at Bee Friends Farm which means we love when it's time for Rosh Hashanah. During this time of year honey takes on an even bigger meaning for our community!

For the past few years we've had the pleasure of visiting with several synagogues here in Jacksonville to celebrate the New Year with them and share some honey bee knowledge. We've learned a lot about honey and this Jewish holiday. So much that we want to share it with you! 

1) Honey is kosher as long as it has no additives. Kosher honey can not be heated, it must remain raw.  (Ahem, like allll of our Florida varietals which you can find here: Bee Friends Farm liquid raw honey.)

2) This year Rosh Hashanah is on Monday, September 30th. The holiday can be celebrated for 1 or 2 days. 

3) Apples and challah are traditionally eaten with honey during the Jewish New Year celebration. The honey symbolizes how sweet the new year will "bee." 

4) Just like our Bee Friends Farm honey, Kosher honey is only filtered minimally to remove any particles like wax from the honey. 

5) Other products from the hive - like pollen or wax - are also kosher.  Cut Comb and Chunk Comb Honey has been given the okay as well. Bite down on sliver of comb, wax and honey, for a satisfying snack or add to a cheeseboard. Heads up, if you plan to squeeze the honey out of the comb, by hand, do so before the day of rest. 

For a full low down on more honey related kosher and Rosh Hashanah details, we recommend checking out this more comprehensive article

We wish you and your family a happy New Year and sweet holiday! 

-- Bee Friends Farm 

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