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Beeswax Rainbow

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Welcome to the wild world of beeswax!

We collect beeswax from our hives as we uncap frames for harvest. The wax from cappings is usually thin, fresh wax that we've scraped off the top of the frames of honey to expose the delicious honey beneath the surface. 

We collect wax cappings, press the excess honey from them, and melt them down. They turn into candles, bars of wax, and other products. (Pure beeswax candles are very cool and good for you, read more here!)

While all wax produced by honey bees starts as pure white wax over time it can start to change colors. The color of a batch of beeswax is impacted by environment, age, heat, and how heavily the wax has been filtered.

: Pollen from plants and flowers can often make the wax a yellowish color. The pollen as it imparts its tint on the fresh white wax the bees produce. 

Age: We always want to reuse good, clean wax in our hives. Not only is it more sustainable, but it's also one of the ways we say thanks to our bees. We give them started wax frames back which makes it easier for them to start building the frames out again. After some time, the wax starts to darken. Oftentimes, that dark brown wax creates the most amazing and brilliant yellow wax!! 

Heat and Filtering: In order to purify the wax we have to melt it down. The temperature of that process can sometimes impact the color. That heat does not affect the purity and effectiveness of wax-like it does to the honey (we only supply local, raw, honey.) Little bits of sediment can darken the wax as well. 

As we melt the different wax batches down the end result can vary in color. Creating a wide variety of bright yellow to pale beiges to almost even white wax! It's a beautiful thing to see the natural variations of beeswax color. For example, when you order a candle it's the only one like it!  

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