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Bee Friends Farm has CBD infused honey?

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Unless you've been living under a rock,(in which case, hello, and welcome back!) you've been hearing a lot about the CBD craze. We have too and we're excited to share our latest product with you, Jacksonville Wildflower infused CBD Honey.

But what exactly is CBD and what's it supposed to do? And how did a little Jacksonville honey company get involved?  

Last fall we went to a healthy foods trade show to share our local, raw, Florida honey with a wider audience. While we were there we met the folks of Ablis. Ablis is based in Portland and produces quality CBD beverages and other products. It just so happens that they have a base right here in Jacksonville. After that, we knew we had to work together. As a result of that partnership, we are proud to bring you an amazing, high-quality product - our Jacksonville Wildflower CBD Honey. 

We know there's a lot of info out there, we're sharing a little of what we've learned as a company and what you can expect from our CBD Honey: 

What kind of CBD are we using in our Bee Friends Farm CBD Honey?
We are using a pure CBD isolate. We have partnered with Ablis, whose products are hand-created in Bend, Oregon. They specialize in all-natural products that are infused with 99%+ pure, THC-free, GMP-certified, CBD crystal isolated from hemp using a C02 "winterization" process. The CBD isolate is lab-tested to certify its purity and to ensure no traces of THC are present.

What's the deal with CBD?
CBD, which is primarily found in hemp, is legal. CBD is not a hallucinogenic and therefore is not regulated by the federal government.

Ablis Hemp CBD are 100% THC free - and that's exactly what you will find in each tablespoon of our Bee Friends Farm CBD Honey.

Hemp: CBD can make you well.

Marijuana: THC makes you high.

THC, which is primarily found in marijuana, is not legal. THC is a hallucinogenic and therefore is regulated by the federal government.

How do I use this product?
One serving size of our Jacksonville Wildflower is one tablespoon. One tablespoon of honey contains 20MG of CBD. You can choose to take a full tablespoon or quarter it and use throughout the day. Each bottle contains 14 servings sizes. 

What is it supposed to do?
CBD isolate promotes wellness of the body. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, exactly what you will find in our Bee Friends Farm honey. This is not to be confused with the lower grade full spectrum CBD that can contain THC.

How much does it cost?
We'll be debuting our CBD honey, which is $35 per jar, at our upcoming Honey Bee Festival on National Honey Bee Day August 17th.

Where can I get my own bottle? 
If you are looking to order a jar email us at We'll get your name, address, and how many bottles you'd like to purchase. Then, we'll send you a secure payment link and ship off your bottle. *Shipping is usually around $8. Keep in mind that we do offer free shipping on orders over $40. 

We hope this helps answer some of the burning questions you may have about our latest product. We will do our best to answer any further questions you may have and you can message us on social media or email us at

One more thing: Our CBD Honey might not be for everyone. Bee Friends Farm makes no claims as to any health benefits related to CBD. We encourage you to conduct independent research to determine if CBD may or may not be of benefit to you.


Monica Manginsay
Monica Manginsay
I have to work this Saturday and we’ll not be able to attend the festival. I do not see a link for ordering on your site.
Pat Martin
Pat Martin
What is the cost & will you have it at the show or only at your website? Thank you, looking forward to your show & cool products!😊
Love your honey. Does the cbd change the taste ?

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