Fresh, Pure Beeswax Straight from the hive! 

We melt down pure beeswax cappings it is the purest and of the highest quality. Each of these bars of fresh raw pure beeswax comes from our own beehives. Each beeswax bar is molded from capping wax, the highest quality wax recovered from the harvesting process. Choose between 1 ounce bars and 1 pound blocks. 

Pure beeswax is great for many home projects including:

  •   Beeswax Soap
  •   Drawer & Window Lubrication
  •   Home Made Beauty Products (Balms and Salves, etc...)
  •   Furniture Polish, Furniture Wax
  •   Fire-starter
  •   Making Your Own Candles At Home 
  •   Sewing, Needle Wax...

and MORE! 

Product of USA.

Did you know how amazing beeswax is? Learn more here! 

How do we make our beeswax? Where does our beeswax come from?

Our beeswax comes from our hives! Once the honey harvest is complete, we are left with the wax cappings from the full honey frames. We take those wax caps and we melt them down into solid beeswax bars for DIY candle projects, etc. 

Beeswax candles are just as amazing, find out more about their benefits here.

If you are a beekeeper or are looking for larger amounts of beeswax please contact us! 


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