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Cut Comb

Frames of whole wax comb are natural wonders.

Our jars of honey are just about as close to the hive you can get without listening to the gentle buzz of a hive, but this cut comb gets you even closer. Each square of this Wildflower Cut Comb provides a beautiful example of the true art of bees at work. Plus, it's some pretty tasty honey. Folks always ask us, "What do you do with it?" and we have to say the options are endless.

  • Try a small piece on a cheeseboard to make it really upscale.
  • Cut a small section and chew on it to satisfy a sweet tooth!
  • Spread a spoonful on warm toast. 

Did you know? The hexagon aka a honeycomb shape is a masterpiece of engineering due to its strength and size. Bees have to work extra hard to produce wax so it's important for them to build their hives in a way that provides the best option when it comes to labor and wax! Learn more about the shape of their comb in this piece, "What is it about bee and hexagons?"

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