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Mexican Vanilla Creamed Honey

A staff favorite!

The addition of pure Mexican Vanilla blended with our Jacksonville Wildflower honey creates a smooth, bold Vanilla flavor. The Vanilla helps mellow the sweetness of the honey, giving you a rich tasting experience.

  • A universal honey, this is the perfect infusion to leave on the counter for use in coffee, tea, oatmeal and more!

Did you know? Pure honey naturally crystallizes. With creamed honey, we've harnessed that process to create a rich, thick, smooth, spreadable honey. Our cream honey is a crystallized version of our delicious Jacksonville Wildflower honey, then we add an infusion like Cinnamon, Lemon, Mexican Vanilla and Chocolate. There is no sugar or cream added, just a pure addition of organic spices and extracts! The final product is a rich and creamy texture that is pretty amazing to taste.

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