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Cinnamon Creamed Honey

Ceylon Cinnamon and Jacksonville Wildflower honey makes for a perfect scoop.

Keep a jar of this treat on your desk at work for a sweet and spicy boost in your afternoon pick-me-up. Try in baking recipes, in cocktails or part of a spiced honey glaze for proteins or veggies!

Did you know? Pure honey naturally crystalizes. With creamed honey, we've harnessed that process to create a rich, thick, smooth, spreadable honey. Our cream honey is a crystalized version of our delicious Jacksonville Wildflower honey, then we add an infusion like Cinnamon, Lemon, Mexican Vanilla and Chocolate. There is no sugar or cream added, just a pure addition of organic spices and extracts! The final product is a rich and creamy texture that is pretty amazing to taste.

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