Sweet and savory Black Mangrove is a beloved Florida favorite!

Black Mangrove trees are one of the few saltwater plants bees forage nectar from! The Black Mangrove and its white blossoms thrive in Florida's warm coastal areas. It's rooted in saltwater areas with a salinity that would kill most regular plants. 

  • Use it for sweetening and baking.
  • Try in coffee for a mellow sweetness that doesn't overpower the notes of your single origin! 
  • Rich sweet and savory flavor. Highly recommend in BBQ sauces and marinades. 

Did you know? Each of our honey varieties is a mono-floral. Mono-floral honey means that the nectar from that honey comes from one specific flowering plant. Honey is named after the plant's common name and each variety has a unique taste, almost like a fingerprint!

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