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Kids Activity: Thumbprint Bees

February 27, 2020

This quick and easy thumbprint craft makes for super cute results! We first learned about this craft from Montessori Tides, a school we went to visit for an education demo. The class wrote us a thank you note with very special fingerprints and inspired us to share this craft with you! 

What you'll need:
Yellow Paint 
Little Hands 


Gently dip your thumb in the paint. Press your thumb to the paper. Dot your yellow thumbprint around the page. 

Let dry. 

Add bee features to your yellow prints! With the pencil add two antennas, wings, and stripes to the body. As a final touch to your bee add a tiny little stinger. 

If you'd like to give your thumbprint bees a home draw a little hive to boot! 

Then you have your very own thumbprint beehive! 

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