Margarita with a Friendly Twist - Bee Friends Farm

Margarita with a Friendly Twist

Brentley Stead

Mexican Vanilla is a staff favorite! While it’s delicious on toast and mixed into coffee we are always up for new things. This recipe adds our Mexican Vanilla Cream honey to a cocktail favorite. We like things tart and fresh here at Bee Friends Farm, take a sip of this refreshing summer time drink!

Margarita with a Friendly Twist

2 shots Bee Friends Farm Mexican Vanilla Simple Syrup* or to taste.  

Juice of 2 Fresh Limes

1 shot Favorite Tequila

1 Cup of Ice 

For honey syrup mix 1 TBS Mexican Vanilla Creamed Honey and 2 TBS warm water.

Squeeze limes, add Mexican Vanilla simple syrup and tequila to ice. Shake or stir vigorously. Use a lime slice to garnish the glass. Makes one cocktail.

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