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How can I do my part to help save the bees?

Bee Friends Farm Admin

If you've ever asked yourself, "What can I do to save the bees?" you aren't the only one! One of the most commonly questions we are asked is “How can I help the bees?”

What is truly amazing is that the two basic answers to these questions lies within supporting and beautifying our community:

1) Plant flowers and native pollinators if able! Beautify your neighborhood and assist the bees and other pollinators all in one. Find out more on what to plant here

2) Shop with local beekeepers to support your neighborhood honey bee population. We have an amazing selection of local honey and we urge you to support local all the time! 

There are some other practical ways to help protect our pollinators like bees and butterflies too:

3) Avoid harmful chemicals like pesticides. If you must lay pesticides follow the instructions to a "T" and apply them close to nightfall - when the bees are less likely to be out and about. 

4) Create your own backyard bee water fountain! Did you know that bees need water too? Take a muffin tin and fill it with some rocks, pebbles or colored glass baubles. Then fill with water. The stones give the bees something to stand on as they drink! This is the perfect summer project for kids (or adults)! 

5) Join or support your local bee crew by checking out the Jacksonville Beekeepers Association. They share a lot of great bee information and are an invaluable resource! 

It really is that simple. You’ll feel good knowing you’re a little something extra for our bees! 

If you have any tips, share them with us below! 

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